Acknowledge Your Engine Management Light in Hindley

Engine Management Light in HindleyGet in touch with the specialists if your engine management light in Hindley comes on. We are your trusted garage services provider in the Bolton area and beyond. Ours is a family-owned and family-run business and that makes all the difference. We offer friendly, affordable, high-quality, personalised service to every one of our customers. No matter how major or minor the problem, our team is ever prepared to help. Our full range of services is capable of handling any make or model. We believe in investing in cutting edge technology and training for our technicians so that the benefits can be enjoyed by our clients.

Modern, tech-intensive automobiles have sophisticated sensors to ensure that everything is working fine. In Hindley, engine management lights come on when the system senses that there is a problem. There are colour coded lights for different issues – red and amber lights indicate different problems. For instance, the amber, or orange (or other colour) light means that the problem has been flagged, but you can wait till you reach a garage. The red light has to be taken very seriously, as it indicates that immediate action must be taken. However, these two lights do come on momentarily when you first start the car. If they continue to stay on while driving, they must be attended to. Many customers are worried about whether it’s safe to drive with the EML light on. Our technicians feel that if there is no loss of power and the red light is not flashing continuously while driving, you can safely drive to our garage.

When the engine management light in Hindley comes on, it is an early indicator that there is a problem. It alerts the driver that there is a potential issue that needs to be attended to by a garage. Contact Whitecroft Garage if your management light is flashing. This can prevent further damage, and eliminate any risk to your health and safety. It is also important to re-set your EML or to attend to the problem before you go for your MOT. Otherwise, it could mean failure at the test.