Rely on a Trusted Garage for Replacement Timing Belts in Farnworth

Timing Belts in FarnworthTiming belts in Farnworth need replacing on occasion. They are often overlooked but they play a very important role in your engine.  If your timing belt fails, your engine will cease to operate.  This could happen while you are driving on the motorway and could significantly compromise your safety and that of other road users.   On modern cars, timing belts need to be replaced between 60 000 and 100 000 miles.  Unfortunately, there are no warning signs that your timing belt is going to break.  It will simply break.  When it does break, damage can occur to the valves, piston or water pump.  Apart from being a safety issue, a broken timing belt is expensive to fix.  It is far preferable to change your timing belt according to the recommendations in your owner manual.

If your car has done between 600 000 and 100 000 miles in Farnworth, timing belts replacement is expertly completed by our technicians.  Each member of our team has the right qualifications and experience to ensure a first class service. In addition, we’re able to work on any make or model of car and offer a comprehensive range of services.  We have top diagnostic equipment, and will accurately identify any repairs needed on your car.  When you service your car regularly at our garage, your car will be maintained in good working order.  You can trust us to give you good advice. Furthermore, we use high quality spare parts and we have the equipment and knowledge to repair your car to the highest of standards.

If you need replacement timing belts in Farnworth, remember our garage. We have been in business for over 35 years. As an independent garage, we can save you money over dealer costs. Contact Whitecroft Garage and schedule an appointment with us to service your car and make sure the timing belt is still strong. We will check everything else as well and we are MOT certified. Moreover, we can help you avoid any expensive repairs that accompany a neglected engine. For instance, that ticking sound may not be your timing belt at all. It could be your oil is low and your engine is about to seize.