Cheap MOTs in Farnworth are Readily Available at Our Garage

Cheap MOTs in Farnworth Why pay more when you can avail of top quality, cheap MOTs in Farnworth? Our prices are reasonable, but that doesn’t mean we compromise on the quality of our service. If your car is in good condition, there’s no need for an MOT failure. This test was originally known as the Ministry of Transport test, but in recent years, people refer to it as simply the MOT. It is a compulsory safety and legal requirement to all vehicles to be considered road worthy. Once your vehicle is more than three years old, (four in Northern Ireland) it has to pass the MOT to be considered safe enough to be on the roads. It is the vehicle owner’s responsibility to get the test done, to make sure that the vehicle passes it, and get a valid certificate.

For clients in Farnworth, cheap MOTs may be available in several garages, but you have to ensure that you choose the right one. The test has to be done every year. You must get the renewal test done a month before the older certificate expires. You can avail of a free reminder from the government. The earliest date that you can take the test will be printed on your certificate. The prep work can be done ahead of time so that you have every chance to clear the test. In case of failure, we can do the necessary repairs so that you pass the repeat test successfully. You can drive your car immediately once the problems are fixed. If your car fails the test, the results are logged on to the MOT database, and it is illegal to drive it till you get a positive result.

Cheap MOTs in Farnworth can help you to save a tidy sum. Most failures are due to simple, avoidable  reasons. We can help to identify these before you take the test. Contact Whitecroft Garage for more information about the cost of our MOTs. We don’t believe in a shoddy, quick test, but that doesn’t mean that our prices are exorbitant. You are welcome to bring your car garage. We have a valid license from the government Department of Transport to conduct the tests. Our team has the necessary experience to guide you.