Clutch Repairs in Lowton, Expertly and Efficiently Completed

Clutch Repairs in Lowton,  It’s not a good idea to put off clutch repairs in Lowton for later. This is one of the most important components in the vehicle engine. It enables smooth gear shift and transfer of power to the gearbox. There are several advantages when you provide regular maintenance to the clutch and transmission system. Our team of highly trained, experienced technicians can give you some useful tips. We take a lot of pride in our work, and are delighted that most of our business comes to us via recommendations. Repeat customers and referrals are a good indication of the quality of our services, pricing and customer relationships.

For your vehicle in Lowton, clutch repairs should be done in a timely manner. An efficient clutch is essential so that there is smooth shifting of gears and no damage to the gearbox. A faulty clutch can affect the engine’s performance. There will be power loss and reduced acceleration. In extreme cases, you could lose control of the car while you’re shifting gears while entering a busy highway or negotiating a bad road. The clutch helps your vehicle to respond quickly in an emergency. This component is connected to others in the engine, principally the gearbox. If you leave problems unattended, other parts of the engine could get damaged, leading to more expensive and laborious repairs. The clutch can break open, leaving you stranded on the road.

You will need clutch repairs in Lowton if you notice certain symptoms. An early sign is a spongy or soft clutch that may also feel unresponsive when you shift gears. When you’re reversing your car or putting it into first gear, the shift may be difficult. You may find the clutch slipping, hear grinding or screeching noises, or even get a burning smell. It is important to get your car to your local garage as soon as possible. Contact Whitecroft Garage today for more information about our services. We offer main dealer services minus the high pricing. Although ours is a local garage, we also make sure that our customers have access to world class information, technology, and service.