Clutch Repairs in Worsley

clutch repairs in WorsleyWhy not get your clutch repairs in Worsley done by the 2015 Motor Codes Garage of the Year Regional Winner? The team at Whitecroft Garage is proud and honoured to be recognised by this fine organisation. For our customers, it means they can bring their cars to us with confidence. We have to trust the skills we do not ourselves possess to others. We trust our safety to surgeons, electricians, auto mechanics and many others because that is their skill, not ours. Whitecroft Garage will honor your trust by making sure your car maintenance and repairs are safe and dependable for you and your family.

In Worsley, clutch repairs queries are common. Those who drive a standard shift car depend on the clutch for gear changes to regulate the amount of power in the engine and the distribution of that power to the transmission and wheels. If your transmission is slipping and jerking it could be the clutch plate is worn and needs replacement. Any signs of that “burning clutch” smell means a clutch adjustment is needed. When you step down on the clutch but it fails to return you may need a new clutch installed.  Any of these symptoms pose a threat to your safety. At the first sign, bring your car to Whitecroft Garage so our experienced mechanics can diagnose and make the repairs to keep you safe.

Safe and dependable clutch repairs in Worsley is only one of the many services at  our full service Whitecroft Garage. Regularly scheduled maintenance is the wise course whether your car is under warranty or not. If your car is still under warranty, remember that you do not have to go back to the dealer for servicing, You can choose your own garage and when you choose Whitecroft Garage you will get the same or better service and parts for less money. We want to make car maintenance easy for you so we keep a record of your service and MOT due dates and send you a reminder. We also guarantee our parts and service. If you would information about a garage that offers clutch repairs, contact Whitecroft Garage.