Diagnostic Testing in Horwich

Diagnostic Testing in HorwichYou may need a garage that offers diagnostic testing in Horwich if you would like to find the problem with your car’s transmission. Make sure your vehicle is in top condition with a diagnostic test from the friendly, professional lads at Whitecroft Garage, who use the latest, state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment. With over one hundred years of experience between them, the Whitecroft team is fully qualified, capable and keen to meet all your vehicular needs. They have built a reputation for reliability and honesty, making them an excellent choice for vehicle servicing.

In Horwich, diagnostic testing by Whitecroft Garage is carried out by fully qualified technicians. Their servicing is top-notch and prescribes to a National Guarantee, as do their replacement vehicle parts. A 12 month warranty on all labour and fitted parts is evidence of their confidence in their professional service. They regularly attend new courses to add to their knowledge and expertise in the growing field of smart cars and technological advancement. Prevent problems before they occur and keep your vehicle in good condition with regular diagnostic testing and servicing. From fuel leaks, exhaust emissions, seatbelts and safety locks, tyres and brakes, to mirrors and horns, Whitecroft Garage can assist. Whitecroft Garage is licensed to perform MOT tests, and should your vehicle fail the test, will carry out the necessary repairs to ensure it will pass the next test.

Whitecroft Garage offers diagnostic testing in Horwich at the fraction of the cost you would pay elsewhere, without compromising the service or quality of parts. They can also service vehicles during it warranty period without invalidating the manufacturer’s warranty, and even have a reminder service to alert clients of when their next service or MOT is approaching, and advise on future actions. The friendly and professional team at Whitecroft Garage will take care of all your needs and leave you with a smile. For more information about affordable diagnostic testing, contact Whitecroft Garage.