BMW Servicing in Farnworth

BMW servicing in FarnworthAre you looking for reliable BMW servicing in Farnworth? For a workshop staffed by trustworthy, trained, highly skilled and qualified men offering superb workmanship? You can find all of this at Whitecroft Garage. As safety is a prime concern, the choice of a servicing workshop is of vital importance. Not only to you, but to all road users. Entrusting your BMW to the capable hands of Whitecroft Garage you can rest assured that all aspects of your prized vehicle, from servicing to repair, will be diligently checked. Licenced to carry out MOT tests, intensified scrutiny of your vehicle’s condition is a priority. Body structure, fuel system, exhaust system and emissions, tyres, clutches, timing belts, brakes, steering and suspension and load distribution are carefully and systematically checked to detect any irregularity, considering the age and fuel type of the vehicle. This is done using the latest diagnostic equipment.

In Farnworth, BMW servicing of the highest professional quality for your car is available at Whitecroft Garage. Just like visiting your dentist regularly, as a preventative measure, regular servicing plays a critical role by detecting problems before they develop. This affects resale value. A record is kept and a reminder sent out. Even the smallest details get focused attention – seatbelts, seats, and mirrors.

Expert BMW servicing in Farnworth is to be experienced at Whitecroft Garage. Training for their staff is ongoing and constantly perfected to ensure a very high standard of workmanship. This trusted, reliable and honest family-run workshop’s reputation of high standard is a cost effective enterprise. Prices are as much as 60% less than a main dealer. Your service book gets stamped and a warranty applies, as well as a National Guarantee on all replacement parts and labour. If you are searching for a garage that offers professional BMW servicing, contact Whitecroft Garage.