Run Flat Tyres in Middlebrook

Run Flat Tyres in MiddlebrookWhitecroft Garage is the go-to tyre specialists if you need run flat tyres in Middlebrook.A pneumatic vehicle tyre, run flat tyres are designed to resist the effects of deflation when punctured. They also allow your car to be driven and reduced speeds to be able to get to a garage. We have a dedicated tyre fitting bay, stock a wide range of tyres from budget to high performance, and offer a twelve month warranty on all tyres fitted as well as on labour which is supported nationally by a network of independent garages. Our well trained team are highly experienced and will advise you if your tyres can be replaced or must be replaced. Not all tyres can be repaired and some are so badly damaged that they must be discarded. Tyres with tread or casing separation, tyre fabric damage, kinked tyres and broken tyres amongst others cannot be repaired.

Opened in 1981 the Whitecroft Garage team have over twenty five years of tyre expertise. If you are in Middlebrook, run flat tyres are available from our professional team. If your tyres cannot be repaired and must be replaced, we stock a full range of tyres in their well equipped garage. You can have your tyres fitted and wheels balanced while you wait and all services are offered at competitive prices. This means that you do not have to wait for an appointment while driving with damaged tyres, or have to leave your vehicle overnight saving you the inconvenience.

Run flat tyres in Middlebrook can enable you to get to a garage before any damage is done to the tyre rim. Contact Whitecroft Garage if you are looking for run flat tyres. Remember that the rate of tread wear on your vehicle depends on a number of conditions. Mostly these conditions are within your control, so you can save yourself the cost of tyre replacement by bearing the following points in mind when driving; vehicle speed,  braking, load, cornering, tyre inflation pressures, acceleration and  wheel alignment are causes of accelerated wear of tyre tread. Other factors beyond your control that can contribute to tyre tread wear are road surfaces, climatic conditions and geographical conditions. Our knowledgeable and highly experienced team at Whitecroft Garage are on hand to help and advise you, so why not call in today for a free quotation?