Timing Belts in Blackrod

timing belts in BlackrodWhen it is time to change the timing belts in Blackrod we are the specialists to turn to. These should be replaced at the manufacturers recommended distance or time period. Failure to do so can result in a complete breakdown or catastrophic engine failure. The teeth on the belt wear through time and the belt itself can start to tear. In some vehicles the valves can hit the pistons and bend them requiring an engine rebuild which is very expensive. The timing belts need to be correctly tensioned as being too loose or too tight will put strain on bearings and will lead to a shortened belt life.

Your vehicle wears out parts that then need replacing. In Blackrod, timing belts can be replaced quickly and efficiently by our highly trained technicians. The timing belt is commonly made from rubber and high tensile fibres running the length of the belt as tension members. They are very durable and usually last for the given time period unless the tensioning in wrong. Hot engine oil will also degrade the belt so it is important that there are no oil leaks in the engine. Our technicians can take care of these small problems to ensure that your timing belt goes the distance. Water and anti-freeze can also affect the integrity of the timing belt material. We are a local company and take the utmost care of our customers.

If your timing belts in Blackrod need replacing we can help you at an affordable price. Contact Whitecroft Garage today and book your vehicle in for a service. Our business has been family owned and run for over 36 years. The current owner has over 25 years experience as a qualified technician. Our technicians have over 100 years combined experience in the industry and will provide one of the best service experiences as proved by our second place in the best of Bolton most loved MOT station and runner up in the Autocare garage of the year.