Steering Problems in Kearsley

Steering Problems in KearsleyOur technicians are expert at correcting steering problems in Kearsley. Up to 12 % of the drivers in the UK currently drive vehicles with steering problems. This is astonishing. Many cars pull to one side or other if left unadjusted for a few seconds. This is not caused by the road but rather by a defect on the car. There are many causes of steering problems and many are very easy to sort out. Some of the faults are down to the tyres where differing tyre pressure or mismatched tyres can cause a pull to one side. Without bringing your vehicle to our garage it may be difficult to identify exactly what is causing the problem. It could very possibly be a small inexpensive fault that we can swiftly rectify.

Roads are frequently riddled with potholes. In Kearsley, steering problems may be caused by vehicles wheels hitting a pothole and becoming misaligned. In itself this is not a huge problem although your vehicle will have difficulty with steering and your tyres will wear very quickly. Over time this will cost you in new tyres. Potholes can also damage wheels and suspension systems all of which will impact on the steering ability of the car. Heavy steering also costs more in fuel consumption. This will eventually add up making your car more costly to drive.

We are a trusted local garage that can solve all your steering problems in Kearsley. Contact Whitecroft Garage today and book your vehicle in for a check up. We service and repair all makes and models of vehicles and have a highly qualified team to help you with all of your vehicle problems. We ensure that our technicians are up to date with the latest demands of the modern vehicle by sending them to regular training courses.  We guarantee all our parts and labour so that you can be sure of a job well done with quality spares. Our business was started in 1981 and is still run by the original family. We take great pride in delivering the best service to our customers and ensuring their vehicles are expertly maintained.