Diagnostic Testing in Chorley

Diagnostic Testing in ChorleyYour vehicle’s check engine light is your cue to seek diagnostic testing in Chorley. Your car has a computer processor that logs malfunctions and other operating issues. Our test equipment at Whitecroft Garage connects to your onboard computer and reads the codes that can show trouble with your engine, ignition, fuel injectors, coolant temperatures, crankshaft, camshaft, exhaust and more. Doesn’t that sound more accurate and cost effective than tearing down your engine to find the trouble spot? Diagnostic testing is especially helpful when nothing but a loose gas cap is triggering your engine light. Diagnostic testing equipment is essential equipment in most automotive garages today. However, for the sake of accuracy your service and repair shop should use updated and reputable diagnostic equipment.

At Whitecroft Garage, our experienced mechanics can tear your engine down and rebuild it but why spend all those labour hours? For our customers in Chorley, diagnostic testing pinpoints the root of the malfunction so we can quickly make the repairs. Such up-to-date equipment takes much of the guesswork from diagnosing car problems. The feedback from the diagnostic equipment will provide codes that tell us where performance has broken down. After that it’s a matter of having highly experienced technicians undertake the repair. You will find those at our shop along with a friendly welcome and superior customer service. We are a family owned and operated business dating back to 1981. The second generation has been in charge for the last 25 years continuing to build a reputation for honesty and excellence.

If you are searching for a full service neighbourhood garage with the latest diagnostic testing in Chorley, Whitecroft Garage is your place. In addition, we undertake your MOT testing as a certified MOT location. You don’t have to look elsewhere for new tyres either. We stock the most popular brands of tyres. Plus, our parts and labour are guaranteed. Contact us or stop by our garage and check out our clean and efficient operation. We welcome your insurance and warranty work. You will never have to wonder who to call again when you need diagnostics, repair, maintenance and service.