Steering Problems in Heaton

Steering Problems in Heaton Don’t ignore steering problems in Heaton if you find that your car seems to be handling differently. At Whitecroft Garage we are fully equipped to fix a range of issues including full servicing, MOT, tyres and exhaust, timing belts, brakes and steering, suspension and more. With more than three decades’ experience in the business, we have earned a well-deserved reputation for efficiency, quality of work, reliability and affordability. Our team of experts includes fully qualified vehicle technicians, MOT testers and experienced, highly-trained and skilled professionals. As a family owned business, we take pride in our ability to deliver top-quality services. Our clients and customers rely on us not just for our great workmanship and advice, but also for our ethical standards and honesty. The team constantly takes up refresher courses and training programs to ensure that we’re up-to-date on the latest products, techniques and materials.

We handle all your servicing needs. In Heaton, steering problems must be identified and diagnosed as early as possible. These issues generally start off as minor ones which are quite easy to miss or ignore. However, the signs can get worse if they’re left undiagnosed and attended to and can result in the entire system failing. When you ignore or dismiss such warning signs, you could endanger the life and safety of your loved ones and damage the vehicle seriously. Steering problems may appear in various forms. Difficulty in turning the wheel, especially when you have power steering could indicate issues like leaking fluid from steering pump, hoses or rack. Vibration in the wheel may be a sign of wheel alignment issues or power-steering system problems. Contaminants may build up inside, causing the system to malfunction.

Looseness, slipping of the steering wheel, the vehicle pulls or wanders to one side, excessive play, grinding noises, screeching, foaming or discoloration of the steering liquid are some of the possible steering problems in Heaton. Contact Whitecroft Garage if you have steering problems. Getting your vehicle serviced regularly and following a good maintenance routine helps to spot such problems early on. We use state of the art diagnostics and the latest equipment to help you avoid costly repairs at a later stage.