Diagnostic Testing in Heaton

Diagnostic Testing in HeatonIf you have a fault with your car then diagnostic testing in Heaton is the most cost effective way of finding and fixing the problem. Modern cars are full of sensors and electronic equipment which makes it difficult to accurately pinpoint a problem without the correct diagnostic equipment. We are a local family run business who places our focus on offering our customers high standards of workmanship and service through our experienced and qualified team. We offer a number of services including repairs, MOT’s, tyre replacement and new exhausts. We fix clutches and replace timing belts as well as repairing brakes and steering systems.

When your car is playing up and you haven’t a clue what the problem may be, we can help. In Heaton, diagnostic testing can communicate with the on board computer in your car to pinpoint the fault. Most modern cars have an on board computer which analyses all the systems in the car.  There are so many that it takes a computer to keep track of them all. Sensors in the systems will record any faults and our highly qualified technicians can track the fault and replace the part. Without a diagnostic machine it could take forever to find the fault as most of them are minor. Never ignore the warning light on the dashboard as it could just be an anomaly but it could be something major which if caught early will be cheaper to repair than having part of the engine destroyed.

Our diagnostic testing in Heaton can identify a minor problem before it causes damage to your vehicle.  We work on all makes and models of vehicles including Ford, BMW, Renault, Mini, Citroen, Vauxhall, Audi and VW. Contact Whitecroft Garage today to book your vehicle in for a service or repair. Our diagnostic equipment will reset the service or warning light and if there is an obscure problem we have access to the technical data on almost all cars. We offer first rate service every time you bring your car in to our garage.