Steering Problems in Hindley

Steering Problems in HindleyWhy let steering problems in Hindley have you running round in circles? Whitecroft Garage is your trusted local garage that can handle any make or model of car. Our services are top-quality, competitively priced and focused on providing our clients with a friendly, prompt and professional service. We are one of the leading garages in the Bolton area and being local means we have established strong ties in the community. This is combined with giving our customers access to state-of-the-art equipment, the best of national and international trends and  technology and the highest customer service standards. We provide a full, comprehensive range of services for Audi, Citroen, Volkswagen, BMW, Ford, Renault, Mini, Vauxhall and more.

Most of our business comes via recommendations from happy and satisfied customers in the Bolton area and beyond. In Hindley steering problems may be identified when you have problems steering the wheel, it doesn’t move smoothly or in some extreme cases, locks completely. It’s important to attend to these problems as soon as they crop up. Otherwise it can compromise your safety and that of your co-passengers. It can also lead to further damage of expensive parts in the system and result in huge pay-outs later. Most vehicles use a hydraulic system for power steering and there may be several things that can be checked to find out where the problem lies. For instance, when the wheel becomes stiff and hard to turn, a mechanic will check the power steering fluid levels. If the level is low, it could indicate a leak or a problem with the power steering pump. The steering pump belt may be worn or it may have slipped out of position. When this happens, you may get screeching or whining noises from under the chassis. Hoses, racks and pinion-seals are other parts that may be damaged or malfunction.

Another common reason for steering problems in Hindley could be uneven tyre pressure, loose steering linkage, or problems with front end components. If you are worried about your car’s steering problems, contact Whitecroft Garage today. Our team of experienced professionals can swiftly locate and identify the problem, inform you and fix it only after you give the go-ahead.