Cheap MOT’s in Chorley

Cheap MOT's in ChorleyFor cheap MOT’s in Chorley call Whitecroft Garage where you will get value for money. If you perceive the MOT as just a government tax and department of transportation requirement then you’re missing out on the benefits an MOT provides to you and at a low cost. You do have to stop moving for a time so the test can be conducted but it’s only once a year. The test must be carried out  by a garage licensed to do so by the department of transportation. We are licensed to carry out MOT testing on all makes and models of vehicles. When the test is completed you will have information about your car you would otherwise not have. Some of the information may seem unimportant but some will be or should be very important to you.

For instance, you haven’t used your tow bar at all this year or given it a thought. In Chorley, Cheap MOT’s may reveal the tow bar is rusted loose. If it falls off when you hit a pothole, it could create a hazard for the car behind you. You jump in your car and drive away each day without wondering if there are leaks in your fuel system. You don’t look back to see if there are petrol or oil stains under your parking lot. Are you straining to see well enough while driving at night? It may not be your eyes it could be your headlights are cockeyed, illuminating the tree tops instead of the roadway. An MOT test protects you from liabilities of which you may not be aware. If someone else on the road suffers an accident because of the condition of your car, you are responsible.

Cheap MOT’s in Chorley that protect the public from car maintenance neglect also protects you. The hope is that if a car part is failing, the test will reveal it before you find yourself stranded and in danger. Blinding rainfall is not the time you want to see the blade fly off your windscreen wiper arm. Contact Whitecroft Garage and get your car safe and legal for another year with our cheap MOT’s. We’ll tighten up and replace anything that needs attention so you your car passes.