Engine Management Light in Little Hulton

Engine Management Light in Little HultonYour engine management light in Little Hulton is an early warning sign. We provide a comprehensive range of services to handle issues with any make and model of vehicle. Over the years that we’ve been in business, we’ve earned the reputation of being reliable and honest, no matter what the nature and extent of the problem. We’re proud to be members of prestigious associations and trades bodies. Recently, we were declared runners-up in the category of autocare garages of the year, and our Bolton facility was awarded the first place for being the best loved MOT station in the country. But above all, it’s customer satisfaction and loyalty that motivate us to do better.

For car owners in Little Hulton, engine management lights coming on are nothing to panic about. Though there’s no need to over-react, it’s not something you should take lightly either. It’s certainly an indicator that something is wrong and needs attention. The engine management light (EML) is a feature in most modern vehicles. It is linked directly to the engine control unit and provides a communication channel between you and the vehicle. The EML is an indicator of engine performance and has several sensors to monitor this. If any of the sensors detect a problem, this is conveyed to the engine control unit and the appropriate colour EML is illuminated. Yellow lights, either stationary or flashing are the most common and they are mainly to advise you that a potential problem has been found. Though it’s safe to continue driving, you need to check the vehicle at your garage as soon as possible.

A red engine management light in Little Hulton is serious and indicates a failure, and it’s important to get it attended to immediately, as it’s not safe to drive the vehicle. Our technicians connect their laptops to your vehicle’s on-board diagnostics port and detect the issue. Once it is located and identified, we can help you and also ensure that the engine management light is turned off. For assistance with your vehicle’s engine management light, contact Whitecroft Garage.  Whether you need minor or major repairs, servicing or complete engine rebuilds, we have the facilities and expertise to handle them.