Brakes in Atherton

Brakes in AthertonDon’t wait for the grinding of brakes in Atherton on your car to get them checked. There is no reason to wait for tell-tale vibration or brake chattering when you brake or pumping the brake pedal to make the car stop in time either. Even if your car is not equipped with a brake warning light on the dash the signs are there when your brakes need attention. Those first signs warn you of worn brake pads and the sound you hear is built in to warn you. That’s when you want to take action and that is the repair that is quick, easy and inexpensive. If you delay the repairs it gets more expensive but more importantly, it gets dangerous. Keep your car roadworthy and safe by bringing it to us at the first sound or sign of wear on your brakes.

Our garage is well respected in the area for honesty, professionally qualified technicians, first-rate customer service and fair prices. In Atherton, brakes inspection and repair, as with all our services,  will cost you less at our independent garage than you will pay at the dealer. You may have seen places that do nothing except repair brakes. That’s their business; just brakes. The problem we see with that narrow approach is that brake components do not operate independently of the rest of your vehicle. So, if anything else is showing wear or rust, these one-trick-pony places are not going to consider it there job to go looking for trouble anywhere else or tell you there are other issues that need attention.

For instance, your brakes in Atherton are warning you the pads need replacement and when you step on the brake the car pulls to the right. Some mechanics are going to replace your brake pads but your car will still pull to the right because that has nothing to do with the brakes. The tyre wear pattern is causing the pull, not the brakes. Don’t you want to know that? Contact Whitecroft Garage. We treat the whole car including tyres and MOT. Ours is a full-service comprehensive garage fully equipped to service and repair your car. Our technicians are fully qualified, the office staff friendly and helpful and our equipment state of the art.