Fiat Car Servicing in Worsley

Fiat Car Servicing in WorsleyAre you looking for premium quality Fiat car servicing in Worsley? With Whitecroft Garage, you can be sure that your car is entrusted to good hands. We have more than thirty years’ experience in this sector and our family-owned business is currently being run by a second-generation owner who is a hands-on entrepreneur himself. Over the decades, we have built strong ties in the local communities we serve and we’re proud of our reputation for providing excellent quality, affordable rates and a 100% dedication to customer service. Our team of highly trained, experienced technicians can service your vehicle and return it to you punctually while ensuring that the same standards of factory quality are maintained. We use only genuine or best equivalent spares to ensure reliability, safety, efficiency and comfort.

For motorists in Worsley, Fiat car servicing from independent garages like ours provides other benefits like “goodwill assistance” if your vehicle breaks down. With us, you get all the benefits of main dealer servicing without the costs. Additionally, as a local business, we focus on personalised services tailored to meet your unique requirements, preferences and budget. Studies show that dealer prices are almost 18% higher than an independent garage. However, it’s important to find the right one, because there are many small garages that may not have the necessary technical expertise or knowledge, tools and equipment or the experience to handle work on your Fiat. Certain types of work like electrical or aircon work could be entrusted to main dealers as their technicians are more familiar with your make and model. However, to undertake other works like brake and exhaust work, timing belt, clutch change,  choose a good quality local garage for the best pricing structures.

With our Fiat car servicing in Worsley, you don’t have to worry about manufacturer warranties, thanks to Block Exemption regulations. You are free to use any garage of your choice without invalidating manufacturer guarantees. When you need Fiat car servicing, contact Whitecroft Garage. We also offer value-adds like pick-up and delivery of vehicles and a convenient reminder service to tell you when your servicing is due. All parts and labour are covered by a national guarantee.