Brakes in Kearsley

Brakes in KearsleyThere are many parts on a vehicle which are designed to wear in their normal day to day use and brakes in Kearsley and tyres are two of the most common. This mechanical device inhibits motion by absorbing energy from a moving system. Many brakes are friction-based where one part of the mechanism rubs on another causing the vehicle to slow down and stop. This is where wear and tear will occur and the brake linings are slowly worn down with use. Checking the vehicle is important as the driver may not realise that the brakes are worn. Some brakes work on a hydraulic system and if the fluid escapes the brakes can fail. This can happen very quickly and leave the driver with no way to stop the vehicle.

Your car should have routine maintenance regularly to top up fluids and check wearing parts. In Kearsley, brakes, clutches and tyres as well as water, oil and hydraulic fluid need to be inspected frequently. Fluids can drain away rapidly if there is a crack in a pipe which can be caused by age or a stone hitting the pipe and causing damage. The water can drain and cause the engine to seize so any anomaly should be checked. Our garage can make sure your car is safe to drive by checking levels and making sure the brakes are in good working order.

We can carry out checks, repairs and replacement for brakes in Kearsley. Contact Whitecroft Garage today and make an appointment to have your vehicle serviced or repaired. We are a family run business and have over 100 years of combined experience in automotive service and repair. We are known for being honest and reliable with a fully trained and experienced team that attend regular training courses to keep up with modern technology. We handle everything from engine rebuilds to service and maintenance of all makes and models of cars. We are members of various trade groups and have been runner up in the Autocare garage of the year and second in the best of Bolton most loved category.