Vauxhall Servicing in Swinton

Vauxhall Servicing in SwintonOur garage provides top quality Vauxhall servicing in Swinton and is conveniently close to your home. Your car should have a service once or twice a year depending on the mileage travelled. If any problems crop up between services it is better to have them sorted out quickly rather than wait for the next service.  There are many parts on a vehicle which are designed to wear in their normal day to day use.  Brakes and tyres are two of the most common but the clutch is also a wearing part.  The exhaust corrodes after lengthy service and needs to be changed. These are not items that would be examined during a service unless there is an obvious problem.  Luckily we keep most of the parts in our spares department and can quickly affect a repair.  We have the specialist tools for Vauxhall vehicles and can guarantee a dealership service at a far lower cost. We can also ensure that your manufacturer’s warranty is kept current.

When you need your vehicle maintained in Swinton, Vauxhall servicing garage is the place to go. We are a local garage who specialise in Vauxhall vehicles.  We have the latest diagnostic equipment to recalibrate your vehicle’s engine and to check that the onboard computer is updated after every service. This is the digital logbook and the warranty records show the services.  We know that our customers are very busy and keeping track of the last service is difficult so we will contact you when your vehicle needs the next service and also when you need to renew the MOT.

We can carry out Vauxhall servicing in Swinton. Contact Whitecroft Garage today and make an appointment to have your vehicle serviced or repaired. We are a family run business and have over 100 years of combined experience in automotive service and repair. We are known for being honest and reliable with a fully trained and experienced team that attend regular training courses to keep up with modern technology. We handle everything from engine rebuilds to service and maintenance of all makes and models of cars. We are members of various trade groups and have been runner up in the Autocare garage of the year and second in the best of Bolton most loved category.