Engine Management Light in Ainsworth

Engine Management Light in AinsworthModern vehicles are marvels of technology and will show an engine management light in Ainsworth to tell you that there is a problem somewhere in the engine system. It may only be an indication that a service is due soon, or it may be a larger problem. The computerised engine management system light indicates a possible malfunction in the system. The light frequently has two stages, a steady glow which normally indicates a minor fault and a flashing light which means you need to get your vehicle to a garage as soon as possible. The engine control unit stores a fault code relating to the malfunction. This can be retrieved by means of our diagnostic machine.  The engine management light can indicate a fault as small as a loose fuel cap or as large as a serious engine problem.

There is no way of knowing how seriously to take the warning lights in your car. In Ainsworth, engine management light indicators can come on for any number of reasons. The only way to be sure is to bring your car to our garage and have the technician diagnose the problem. Ignoring the light in the mistaken belief that the problem is small could be costly. There may be an unseen and unfelt fault with the engine and leaving it may cause the engine to become badly damaged. This could cost you a new engine or the expensive rebuild of the existing one. It is always better and safer to get the light checked out by a competent technician and once fixed have the light switched off.

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