Run Flat Tyres in Leigh

Run Flat Tyres in LeighIf you go to the main dealers to repair your run flat tyres in Leigh, it can be quite expensive. Run flat tyres were originally used for military vehicles and armoured truck applications. The main aim of the run flat tyres was to give you a window to drive on for some distance if you got a puncture. This could allow you to drive to a safer area or a service centre to replace or repair the tyre. Assessment and repair of ordinary tyres need to be done by qualified tyre technicians. Qualified personnel can identify deeper underlying issues with your tyres than an ordinary layman can. This is more sensitive when dealing with expensive run flat tyres.

The best technicians can advise u on how to make your tyres last longer. In Leigh, run flat tyres technicians are rare. This is because most people use regular tyres. Run flat tyres need specialised attention. Many of these tyres are fitted in the factory and are designed to be serviced by main dealers. Regular garages may not have the right equipment or expertise to handle them. Our staff members receive regular training to keep up with modern vehicle standards. Each department is dedicated to maintaining high standards of workmanship and service. In addition, all our labour and parts are guaranteed for twelve months unless otherwise stated.

We can assure you that we are among the best garages to handle your run flat tyres in Leigh. Ours is an independent family-owned garage that has been in operation for close to 40 years. We value our customers and work to build lasting relationships. With a heart for serving the community, we offer main dealer standard service at affordable rates. Contact Whitecroft Garage today for a free quotation on any work you would like done on your car. Our garage is run like a close-knit family and is always ready to welcome new members. We are also leaders in servicing cars, clutches, brakes, suspensions and MOT’s for all car makes and models.